Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Today we actually started project, so I woke up at half 8, showered and had toast and got the tuk tuk to project at 10. We had 2 classes of women to teach english to at a local college, and did a mixture of exercises and games like hangman. It was a bit difficult as there's a real range of abilities and you have to really try to include the quieter, less confident ones or they don't get included, which can be a struggle as the confident ones are so keen to show off what they know.

After our 2 hours of teaching there was a spare half an hour so we went into the beauty parlour section of the college and had our nails painted and washed them cutting and braiding hair which was cool!

We got picked up at 1 and headed back to get some lunch. I wanted to have a productive afternoon but ended up spending ages sorting out my stuff in my bag, and went to see the boys at the orphanage for a while.

At 4 we got a minibus into delhi to visit an amazing temple. It was soooo pretty-much more spectacular than the taj mahal, but you're not allowed to take any photos there or even take phones in so I have nothing to show. We spent the evening there and had thali in the food court which was really nice, before watching a really cool water and light show. It finished at around 8.30 and we headed back to the minibus, arriving back in faridabad just after 10. We spent the rest of the evening trying to book our flights for goa next week, which I finally managed to on the terrible wifi after a solid 2 hours of trying.

Laura x

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