Friday, 28 June 2013


Last night my school had prom with the boy's school.
 It's weird because I've always looked forward to prom since I was in younger years at secondary school and so it was strange actually being the year who were going. The closer it got to prom, the less excited I became and the more nervous for it! It might seem strange to be nervous, but the prospect of spending 5 hours with a lot of people (some of which were strangers) was quite daunting. But a few days before I sort of convinced myself that I would enjoy it and as it turned out, I did!
I bought my dress around 6 weeks ago (I think!) from H&M. I'd originally bought this dress from Missguided (now for sale on my ebay for £10!!) but when shopping with my mum I saw this one and fell in love with it. I'm so glad I found it because although I loved the other one I don't think I would have felt as comfortable in a strapless dress as I would have worried it was falling down. It was only £35 which I thought was an incredible price for such a lovely dress!
 You can't tell all that clearly but it's one shoulder and made of a chiffon-like material.
My hairdresser did my hair for prom. I'm not very good at hair or make up so it was nice to know that I didn't have to worry about my hair going wrong! She did my hair for my year 6 'prom' and I had a rough idea of how I wanted it but was worried I'd be disappointed. When I did a prom hair trial last week I was so happy with it and I was also yesterday. I wish my hair was naturally this curley!

this last one is from my hair trial last week so looks a bit different!
After spending much of the late afternoon getting ready, my parents wanted to take some photos of me. Annoyingly it started to rain just as I finished getting ready so the photos I do have were taken really quickly so that my hair and dress wouldn't get ruined!

Afterwards my friends and I went to our friend Lauren's house where we met some other friends. We had drinks and snacks and took photos. Annoyingly it was still raining so we had to take photos inside, but Lauren has a conservatory so the lighting was still great. Here are some of my favourite photos :-)

Afterwards we caught taxis to prom (which Megan's dad kindly paid for) and went inside. A woman met us at the door of the taxi with an umbrella and I felt like a celebrity getting out! We went in and some teachers were stood inside where we had our bags checked and signed in. I'd cleverly managed to forget my ticket but luckily that didn't matter. We went downstairs into a large room where there was a backdrop for professional photos. Almost immediately a woman from the local paper approached us and took our photos which should be published soon! We then stood and talked to a few people and had our photo taken by the professional photographer. After a while everyone sort of moved into the other part of the room where there was a dance floor and tables. For the rest of the evening we sat, spoke to people and danced (not well- however mine and Mollie's performance of The Time of My Life was very impressive!). There was also a photobooth which was really fun and was free and we got some funny photos from there.
It went on until midnight and I'd sort of assumed everyone would stay until then. However, people began leaving for after-parties at around 10.30. We stayed until 12 and ended up being the last ones! My friends had been requesting Taylor Swift all evening and the DJ kept saying he would play it but it wasn't until the 6 of us were left that he finally did, and a highlight of prom was definitely being stood on the dancefloor singing along to Love Story while the hotel staff stood around us awkwardly waiting for us to leave and as they put it 'make a move'.

last ones there!
 We stayed at Lauren's house and overall it was actually a really fun night. It was lovely to see everyone dressed up and everyone made such a big effort and looked lovely. However the adorable couples did make me slightly jealous, so hopefully by sixth form prom I'll have a date!
Laura x

Monday, 24 June 2013

My boy

If you've read the title and were hoping to learn about some gorgeous boyfriend then prepare to be disappointed.
Actually, not disappointed. I'm sure this is way more exciting.
This is a post about my tortoise, Andy.

A lot of people ask where I got Andy so I'll give you a little background!
My grandma's had tortoises as pets for years and they used to be really popular pets here in England but I'm pretty sure they were banned because they kept dying while being shipped here! But she got given Andy I think (one of her other tortoises was found at the rubbish dump- caught up in someone's garden waste!). Andy got his name after fighting with my grandmother's female tortoises and was nicknamed 'Randy Andy' and sent to live with us

I'm not sure of his breed or age but we've sort of assumed he's around 30 (they live for ages!!)

Contrary to public opinion, tortoises are not that slow! Honestly, put out a slice of peach and he's practically sprinting. Whilst sat in the garden he'll sneak up and attempt to climb on you, he's a very active pet!

His main diet consists of peach (as you can see) but also cucumber, lettuce, tomato, etc. And my grandma feeds hers bread and milk though Andy isn't such a fan. We feed him once or twice a day

Andy lives in my garden which we 'tortoise-proofed' 10 years ago when we got him, and he honestly just wanders round. A couple of years ago my dad built him a little house which he now sleeps in but he'd be fine without it

From around October to March, Andy hibernates. A lot of people find this really strange. It is, I know, but I've sort of got used to it. He'll often try to bury himself if it's getting cold and my dad will dig him up. He goes into a very deep sleep and their heart slows right down so it's pretty weird! We keep him in our shed in a box full of straw and newspaper, then when the weather improves we check to see if he's woken up.

Tortoises make fab, easy pets and are a great change from cats or dogs. I'd definitely recommend them!
Laura x

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


My friends and I celebrated the end of GCSEs by going on a day trip. When we arrived we got some fish and chips (healthy eating obviously...), and then looked around the shops. This took us quite a while as one of the shops is HUGE and cheap and sells lovely things so we were there for ages. After shopping we went to sit by the beach and the others got ice cream but I felt a bit sick after eating my own chips and helping everyone finish off theirs so I didn't have one. We went to the arcade where we (mainly Morwenna and Megan) managed to win 28 lollipops on a coin machine and then we went back out and sat by the beach before catching the bus home. It was such a lovely day and here is a video I've made of various film clips recorded during the trip.Enjoy :-)

Laura x

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Rimmel London BB cream review!

I'm not particularly into make up; I generally only wear it if I'm going out where someone might take photos so on a daily basis I don't bother. I've always found foundations too thick and almost mudlike, it sort of made me feel claustrophobic if that makes any sense?! So for me, BB cream seemed like a great alternative as I'd heard it was much lighter and more like a moisturiser.
I was shopping with my mum and saw Rimmel London's BB cream in Asda, though it's also available obviously in shops like Boots and Superdrug, and after looking at the samples I went for the shade 'light' for my very pale skin! I think it was about £5 which I think is a very reasonable though it's quite a small bottle. It is described on the front as a '9 in 1 skin perfecting super make up' and I think it definitely perfects your skin more than covers it which is exactly what I wanted. It evens skin tone and hides redder areas of your face as well as minimising pore appearence. It's SPF 25 which will be very useful during summer! Also, a little goes a long way! For the following photos I squirted a tiny amount onto my hand which was enough to cover it all.

 The last one is a comparison of with and without it. It is on my right hand but not my left. This may partly be to do with shadows in the photo but it looked similar in real life; there was a clear but still subtle difference.

Overall, I'd give this product 4.5/5. It has a slightly sun cream like smell which I think is fairly pleasant and overall provides a good coverage. The reason it's not a 5 is because I think the bottle could have been slightly bigger for the price, particularly for people using it every day, and at times it's a little hard to rub in as it's possibly a little thicker than I had expected. But overall a great product which I'd definitely recommend!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Lads On Tour

On Friday my friends and I went for a picnic and now I feel SUPER SUMMERY!!!
We went to this place called Hengistbury Head and to this mini beach (we named it that last summer haha). It's not much of a beach because it's stoney and it's more like mud than sand (this sounds disgusting omg) but it's actually really cute there and there weren't too many people which was good!
We ate loads of food which is always a bonus and then took lots of photos, some of which are below

Aw my friends are so beautiful:'-) After the picnic we went back to a cafe to go to the toilets and then walked around to where there's another bit. We walked through this foresty area which is also nice then sat on the sandy beach over there and talked. Eventually we walked back and I went home and the others caught buses and now I'm super excited for summer which is only just over a week away for me!!!
Laura x

Sunday, 2 June 2013

June 1st 2013

Today was very sunny and summery, and I convinced my parents to go to the forest for a walk. It was so nice.
We walked along this quite quiet area by a river and saw some ponies.
For a while I walked along in the river because I was wearing wellies and I LOVE doing that haha.
Instead of photos I've decided to make a little video instead :---) I show my outfit at the start, I meant to write details of it for anyone who's interested but I forgot:-(
Dress- amazing shop in London where everything is £5
Hairband- Primark last summer
Necklace- A school trip when I was 10
It's only short but I hope you enjoy it!