Monday, 5 June 2017

Day in Penang

We tried to wake up early but it was a struggle so got up just after 10 and had some free toast at the hostel before heading out. We walked to the bus station and get a bus to a really cool temple. I was soooo hot omg but it was amazing to see.

Afterwards we got a bus back to the station and another bus to get to the national park. I went last time I was here and it was sooo pretty. Last time we hiked the hour each way but as the bus journey took a long time we didn't have enough time before it closed so we got a bus. The beach was almost deserted and sooo pretty and we swam in the sea and lay on the beach for a while before getting the boat and bus back.

When we got back to town it was 7ish and we went to book a bus to go to the Perhentian Islands for the next day. We went to look it up in more detail in McDonald's (classy) but it ended up being more money and effort than we expected so we decided to go to Kuala lumpur tomorrow, then fly to langkawi (a really pretty island I went to last year) instead, over a night bus arriving at 4.30am and a 7.30am ferry. We went back to book it and then headed back to the hostel.

Laura x

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