Sunday, 18 June 2017

Exploring delhi solo

The friends I had made on friday were away for the weekend which was a shame. Of the 3 of us left, one was leaving at midday and the other was meeting a friend in delhi. I didn't want to waste a day off, so after breakfast I spent some time with the boys from the orphanage who did actually remember me!! So cute.

At 12 we set off to the metro station and stopped off at the post office so a girl could send some stuff home and it took forever. I think we waited for about 40 minutes, but luckily it wasn't hot. We finally set off and got to the metro station where we bought our tickets and got on. I got off after about an hour and started walking to the lotus temple which was about a 5 minute walk. I joined a queue and had my bag searched and then went in. It's a bahà'ì temple and made of marble. It was so beautiful and we got to sit inside in complete silence which was really calming.

Afterwards I got back on the metro and went a couple more stops, and then got a tuk tuk type thing which was essentially a bike which rode me to the market. It was a really nice, more western market, selling clothes from mango and zara really cheaply. I had a browse and went into starbucks to get some lunch and use the wifi and skyped a friend.

I had another browse and bought some trousers, a top and 2 pairs of earrings before getting another tuk tuk thing, then getting the metro back and another tuk tuk. I got back to the house at about 5, and just sat in the room until dinner.

The girl I'm sharing a room with got back shortly after, and we just sat and chatted. We were going to go up to the roof with the others but were so tired we ended up just going to sleep.

Laura x

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