Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Our flight to Langkawi wasn't until the afternoon so we woke up late, showered and packed up our stuff before heading to the bus station.  We had some time so went to McDonald's to utilise the free WiFi and then cut the bus to the airport which took about an hour. By the time we arrived it was like half 1 so we got some lunch and then caught our flight at 3.40. The flight only takes an hour so soon we arrived, and caught a taxi to the hotel we'd booked.

The outide and reception look amazing but it's undergoing renovation work so the drilling is pretty loud and the rooms weren't amazing, but for £6.10 each we got a big 2 bedroom apartment for the night which was cool. Unfortunately the hotel is in the middle of nowhere though so we're moving to near the beach tomorrow.

After checking in we ventured out to get some food and found a big shopping mall. Unfortunately because it's Ramadan nothing was open in there and we settled for KFC and pizza Hut where I had a disappointing salad. Being vegan is becoming a bit of a struggle.

Afterwards we headed back to the hotel and then had a late night mini mart trip by which point the island had really picked up, but the boys couldn't be convinced to go to a karaoke bar unfortunately.

Laura x

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