Friday, 2 June 2017

My first day, and first international hospital trip

So my flight landed like 49 minutes early and I got off, queued through immigration and got my bag and then had to go back into the airport to check into my next flight. The jet lag never really hit because to me it felt about 11 am and was actually 3pm which isn't a really massive difference.

Checking in was fine so I wandered around the domestic part of the airport. There wasn't much to do so I got a subway salad and then just walked for ages just for something to do. I sat on my gate for like an hour and skyped my grandma and then boarded my flight about 6pm.

The flight was only about an hour and was fine. I even got this questionable sandwich lol.
We landed about 7.40 (again ahead of schedule) and I just had to pick up my bag and then walk out the exit which felt so weird as I'm used to all the immigration/passport stuff.
I'd looked up the hostel the others are at before and bought a bus ticket and sat outside on the bus. That was nearly an hour ago.... I just kept thinking 'we'll go in a minute' but no sign of it so far. A taxi is like 5x the price and really I should just get that at this stage but I figure this bus will have to go at some point lol.

Okay 2 more people have got on, the excitement builds.
And 2 more... no sign of the driver tho
Seriously considering driving us since he's left the engine on
11 more.. why did I spend an hour alone on here lol no friends
The bus is now basically full but the driver isn't back lol could almost have walked in this time
Okay eventually the driver did arrive and I got dropped at my hostel about 20 minutes later. It was so exciting to see collette as although I obviously knew I would I just felt like this plan somehow wouldn't work out, but yay here I am! We just talked for ages then got some crisps in 7/11 before I had a well needed shower. We're going to a beach tomorrow so I went to shave my legs in preparation when I made the worrying discovery that my left leg was numb. It had been like that on the flight but given that that was a while ago and I'd walked around a lot I was confused.My initial low key concern that I could have DVT expanded when I Googled it and had symptoms as well as being on the contraceptive pill which increases risk. I messaged lauren who asked her mum and she asked some questions then said I should get it checked out, and I called my insurance company who said the same. So at like 12.45am the four of us headed off in a taxi to the local international hospital.

There was a lot of confusion as no one seemed to know what a blood clot was, but I eventually got seen, had my blood pressure checked and checked for a fever, and the nurse felt my leg. The area isn't painful but is numb and it's only one calf so was a bit worrying, but as I'm not in a high risk group they weren't able to do anything, and said that if it worsens or is still bad in the morning to go to a hospital 3 hours away. I paid £20 for the appointment and we got a taxi back. I skyped my friends at uni which was cute but am sooo tired now after an eventful day so am off to bed with my leg elevated
Laura x

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