Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Today was our first day of volunteering, but we had an induction day to ease us in. After breakfast at around 9 we had a talk about the projects and our time here, with like rules and expectations. I didn't have this last year and it was really useful! I also decided to get a sim card so that I can connect to the Internet when I'm out without wifi.

We headed into town just to the local shops which was a bit of an intrepid journey thanks to loads of flooding. We took a really long route to avoid it which was annoying. India has no drainage system in place on the roads so you just have to wait until the water dries up, which is understandably annoying during monsoon season.

I went to see the boys at the orphanage for a bit and arrange for them to have a Skype call with one of the long term volunteers, which they are very excited for.

At about 4 we caught a tuk tuk across town to visit a bigger orphanage. The children's English was very limited but we did colouring, games and dancing with them which was cute. I got so hot though after running around and was in serious need of a cold shower after a couple of minutes.

That evening we sat on the roof playing cards and chatting until the 11.30pm curfew.

Laura x

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