Tuesday, 6 June 2017

To Kuala Lumpur

Today was another day of travelling,  this time to get to Kuala Lumpur for the night before heading to Langkawi. We woke up at 8 and had some free toast and showered before heading to the bus station for 9.45. The walk was longer than anticipated and I was a sweaty mess (cute). We boarded our bus, thinking that it was going to take 10 hours, and stopped off a few times enroute. Luckily it only took 6 and we arrived just after 4. I slept for approximate the whole journey, only waking up to eat- living the dream. When we arrived we caught the metro to the stop nearest our hostel and checked in.
After showering we ventured into the city to go to the Petronas towers and get food. We found a good place to get photos from.

Afterwards we entered one of the massive shopping malls and went to wendys. We got very lost in it looking for a subway so I could get my classic salad and then headed to a night market.

Here i went essentially crazy buying things and somehow ended up with a rucksack, trousers, 2 eyeshadow pallettes and a fake mulberry purse. We then retreated to McDonald's to enjoy the air con and WiFi while looking at the stuff we'd bought. We then headed back to the hostel and booked flights and an apartment in langkawi for our trip today.

Laura x

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