Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Lay me down, let the only sound be the overflow, pockets full of stones

I am currently a little under halfway through my gcse exams. I had expected to take them a lot more seriously than I am haha but it's half term so while I take a break from revision I thought I'd write a post.
On Sunday I went to Oxford for the day with my parents where we met my uncle, aunt and cousin. We had lunch at a pub then sat by the river and watched people who were punting. Here are some photos that I took

Yesterday I went to Hollie's birthday gathering thing. It was basically a big picnic in this nice countryside kind of place near where I live. It was really fun and there were about 15-20 of us ish and I ate loads and we took some photos, some of which are below. It was really fun aw :---)

Hope everyone is having a good half term so far!
Laura x

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Guess who forgot they had a blog???

It's been like.. 7 months.. I really don't have an excuse. I would love to now tell you how busy I have been exploring the world or volunteering in Africa or something but actually NOTHING HAS HAPPENED. I am currently at the beginning of my GCSE exams (i've had 4) and I'm writing this when I should be doing some chemistry or physics revision. Next week I have 5 exams but I'm not yet nervous hence why I'm wasting time on the internet.
I finished school last thursday and we all dressed up. After a series of debates my friends and I decided to come as main female characters from books/children's stories, though when it came to it Molly and Holly actually came as fairies.
Here are some photos of my friends. In case you're very unobservant it goes Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, fairy, Alice in wonderland, fairy, Little Red Riding Hood:

The day itself was pretty poor. We were supposed to be having an ice cream van/bouncy castle etc but it was supposed to rain so it was all cancelled. As you can see it didn't rain :-(
Afterwards we went to a really nice cafe and had milkshakes and cake so it really wasn't all bad.

oh also i got the nikon d3200 for christmas which explains the sudden increase in picture quality!
who knows when i'll post again and i know for a fact that no one is reading this but oh well haha
laura x