Friday, 16 June 2017

Off to India!

Today has been crazy! Idk why days with multiple flights just make me so disorientated and confused. I got up at 8.20 and went to the gym (gotta get the money's worth right) and showered before checking out. I decided not to get an uber to the airport so headed to the metro station and paid £1.30 for the half hour journey. After checking in my bag I went to get some food and for some reason opted for a curry even though I have a solid month of them from now lol.

After going through security I wandered around the shops in search for a t shirt as I only have 2 for india, but ended up getting distracted and buying gym leggings and a sports bra. My psychology placement involves some yoga though so telling myself they'll be useful for that... got some more food because I was so bored and then found my gate and boarded at about 1.30pm.

My first flight was about 4 hours, and I thought I had the row to myself until the last minute where two women sat next to me. Luckily they were lovely; the one next to me asked how long the flight was and then told me I had a beautiful smile and eyes which was very sweet as I saw my reflection in the bathroom mirror and looked like an egg. Later she asked about where I was from, going etc. and I'm pretty sure invited me to her house In Chennai where the flight went to. Just before we landed she said that she and her friend had been discussing how cute I was lol. Had forgotten how weird the celebrity treatment is here...

Was quickly reminded though as after going through customs and collecting my bag I headed out of the arrivals lounge and being a 200m ish walk to departures. A local guy from my flight was walking a metre or so behind me, when a random man outside the airport approached. He said hi and after the plane ladies' friendliness I replied and he asked the same classic questions, but it became weird when I asked if I was married and then followed us into the lift at the airport saying he wanted my number. I declined and when he put his hand out to shake it he kissed my hand at which point and laughed and walked away quickly. Luckily the guy walking with me had sensed that I was uncomfortable and walked with me and when I didn't understand the other guy's heavily accented questions would kind of sigh or laugh so that I knew that he was just a randomer. He wasn't scary or intimidating and once I turned him down he left immediately but it's weird how some men here feel so strangely entitled once they know you're not married, which from now on I'll be saying I am.

I had a very confusing check in, simply because I forgot to check in my rucksack and reacher the security check before noticing I was the only person with luggage. I eventually made it through and got a kfc- I find it so weird that out of everywhere I've visited india has by far the best selection of vegetarian fast food, and then wandered around for an hour or so. Spending a lot of time alone makes me pretty disorientated and I'm not even completely sure how so much time passed, though a couple of strangers asked where I was from and a man let me use his phone charger. I also drank a couple of litres of water from a water fountain which was followed closely by a lot of stomach cramps, so possibly not my wisest decision.

At 6.15pm ish I boarded my second flight to Delhi, which I again thought I had the whole row and then someone sat there at the last minute. I was in a state of confused sleep and kept drifting in and out of consciousness for the flight. After arriving and getting my bag at about 9.3pm I headed out to find the exit where the driver meets us, only to realise I was at domestic arrivals not international, and the right exit was 3.5km away. A man told me there was an airport shuttle bus for 25p but I had no change. I messaged the owner of the project on whatsapp and he said the driver would arrive soon, and luckily 10 minutes later he arrived at domestic arrivals.

I had a 1 hour taxi ride to the project where I met the owner from last year and was shown to my room and to meet the other girls. It was a bit overwhelming as I was tired and there were soooo many but they all seemed so nice that it was reassuring before going to sleep.

Laura x

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