Friday, 16 June 2017

First day!

Usually volunteering is from Monday- Friday, but for some reason Friday was being taken as a day off which was excellent news for me as I was really tired. I still woke up about 8.30am though, and showered and got ready while the other girls slept. I had some toast and bananas for breakfast and then went to talk to the guy who owns the project. He told me about changes that have been made over the year and asked about what I'd been doing. There's a project coordinator who stays for 3 months over the summer, and he said if he'd known I was coming back I could have been it this year!

We were planning to visit a water park but the weather was the coldest it's been in weeks (it was about 28°c) and so we decided to do it another day. Most of the other girls are going to Dharamshala tonight (I went last year) and had to be back by half 4, so instead after lunch we went into the town to get massages. It's so cheap here; I got a back and shoulder massage for £2.50 and an underarm wax for 40p.. crazy!

Afterwards we walked back and the others got some snacks for their night bus and I got a 7p samosa which was delicious. The coordinator then gave me a tour of the houses as a lot has changed around, and we saw the boys from the orphanage who didn't recognise me (sad times).

The other girls left and then me, a girl who is leaving tomorrow and the coordinator just sat and chatted for a few hours and then ate dinner, and then a guy who had been in delhi that day came back. He'd missed dinner so we went into town to get him some food, and it was cool to see how the town woke up at night.

We headed back and started watching a film before the wifi gave up, though I was secretly glad as I was shattered and fell asleep just after 10 pm.

Laura x

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