Thursday, 15 June 2017

Last day before india!

Today the others left me and it was well sad!! We woke up at 11 after way too many drinks and packed up our stuff which was scattered around the room before checking out and heading to McDonald's (classic). My hangover couldn't be cured by 2 veggie burgers which was worrying but we were all so dead that we just sat in McDonald's and then Starbucks for a couple of hours, utilising the free WiFi and air con.

Early afternoon we headed back to the hostel and I booked a hotel for the night. We then proceeded to sit/lie in the like communal area for several more hours. So quite a productive day?? I did write a blog post and write postcards though which I really need to send...

At 5 the others got an uber to the airport and there was an anticlimatic goodbye before it sunk in that I was now all alone. Sad times. Luckily my hotel was like a 600m walk and so I headed off and found it quickly, checked in and went to my room. It was pretty nice, think I paid about £65 in total, but the guest before me had clearly smoked loads in the room which was cute. I went down and used the gym and the pool before showering and heading out for some food. There was a mall thing nearby and I finally had kaya toast which half boiled eggs which we had loads last year! I got some snacks and headed back to the room, where I started packing my stuff and watched some TV before getting an early night before tomorrow's flights.

Laura x

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