Saturday, 3 June 2017

My day in Thailand

Thankfully woke up very much alive! And my leg was normal sized and felt fine, so basically panic over. I got up and got changed before heading down to our hostel's pool. I wasn't going to go in but before long I was boiling and it was the perfect way to cool off. Around 12 we headed to the cafe opposite and eddy got breakfast. I was too hot to eat which happened last time I went to thailand, I'm sure my appetite will be back in full force soon though. We spent some more time at the hostel before heading to Ao Nang, which I stayed in last time I visited. We went to McDonald's and the others got food, I just stole some of collette's chips.
We walked along the beach for ages to get to a really pretty bit which was sooo nice and stopped here to swim and sit for a while. 

 Afterwards we headed back into town to get the bus back to the hostel. We're going to Penang in Malaysia tomorrow so we headed out to book a bus, and went to loads of different places selling them to get the best deal. Along the way we saw the cutest puppy!! We got fruit shakes at a stand and afterwards headed to the night market for dinner and I got some more trousers and a bracelet. They have loads of different food stands and we all got pad thai which was so nice and I got coconut ice cream which was vegan and literally sooo nice!! Afterwards we went for a drink in a bar and groups of 4 got a free vodka bucket?? So we had a few drinks there.rtt

Afterwards we headed back via 7/11 where I got snacks for tomorrow's 9 hour journey (doing alllll the travelling- don't worry I'm going to be running around the bus to prevent the leg swelling!!) and just stayed up talking for a bit.

Laura x

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