Saturday, 10 June 2017

Back to Kuala Lumpur

I really wanted one last trip to the beach before we left so I got up at 9 and went down for a swim and to sunbathe. It was so nice as the beach was virtually empty apart from the jet ski sellers setting up their stalls. Afterwards I headed back to the hostel for a shower and to pack up our stuff before we all headed out for some brunch before our afternoon flight. I ended up having such a good meal; I swapped the meat in the breakfast for essentially more carbs and ended up with hash browns, toast, potato wedoes, mushrooms and an omelette for about £3. Winning at life.

We got an uber to the airport and caught our flight to Kuala Lumpur which took about an hour, and as usual I slept for the whole thing. We were surrounded by little children which was actually so cute as they kept turning round to look at us lol.

Afterwards we caught the £2 bus for the hour long journey back into the city, which again I spent sleeping. We arrived back at the hostel and checked in for 2 nights, collected our big rucksacks and just hung out in the room for a while.

At 6 ish we ventured into the city to get some dinner. We went to a massive mall, one of the biggest in the world, called Berjaya times square, to get some dinner and go to the cinema. It was soooo weird though as because of ramadan nowhere had any tables, but was full of people sat with plates of food in front of them not eating, which they'd do for like half am hour before their fast ended. Some restaurants were full of tables full of food and drink with no one sat there, ready for their arrival. It seemed very strange to us that after fasting all day they would want a meal which had been sat out for half an hour going cold?

Despite how big the shopping mall was we couldn't get a table anywhere, so walked around to nearby restaurants where the same was happening. We eventually headed to the cinema and got snacks for our film, then went to see the new pirates of the carin bean.  It was really good and a nice way to spend the evening other than drinking.

After the film at 11pm ish we tried to leave but essentially got stuck in the mall, and finally made our way out and headed back via mcDonalds so that the others could finally get some dinner (I'd had a trusty subway salad) before going to bed.

Laura x

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