Monday, 5 June 2017

Journey to Penang

Photos won't upload sorry for the boring posts I'll try again tomorrow xoxo

We woke up at 9, packed up our stuff and went across the road for breakfast. I had a salad baguette with chips and salad which was so nice,

 and then we waited outside our hostel for the bus to Penang which arrived at like 10.45am. We were on the bus all day so pretty uneventful, I did manage to sleep a lot and we stopped  at the Thai border to leave where someone got stopped and then again at the Malaysian one to go in. We finally arrived in Penang at 9pm local time, and went to our hostel. They'd double booked our room and wanted one of us to sleep in a two bed dorm but we asked for a discount as it was their mistake, and after a lot of waiting the reception guy managed to get the person in the 4 bed dorm to move so we could have it. We went out to get food, the boys got burgers and collette and I got vegetable biryani and naan for less than £3 and it was so good! We stopped at 7/11 and then came back to the hostel to shower and plan the next few days.

Laura x

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