Friday, 23 June 2017

Monkey temple !

Today was another day at the project! I woke up around 9 and had breakfast and showered before heading off in the tuk tuk. The roads here are so bumpy it's unreal.

We arrived around 10.20 and were invited in to some sort of assembly. We thought it would last until like half past, so we stood at the back, but when it showed no sign of stopping all sat down as the heat was awful. It went on until half 11 and was like an assembly in hindi and then some yoga as it's international yoga day. When it finished they said it would be dance class and then english which was so annoying as we leave at 1 so would only have half an hour to teach.

Fortunately one woman chose to do english instead of dance so we had one pupil, and more came in over the rest of the time. We did different games and tested them on tenses, and they seemed more confident to talk now that they'd met us for a second time.

We got a tuk tuk back at one and had lunch, and then attempted to plan this weekend's trip. The trains only have waiting lists for seats now, but there are ways around it because there are extra seats for tourists, and so we have to go into delhi tomorrow to sort out the ticket, which is a bit annoying but an excuse to go into delhi so still good.

I went to chat to the children playing in the park next to where we live. They're from the slum like next door to the house and they're all tiny and so sweet. They ways sprint up to us to shake our hand and introduce themselves and rush to do it. They were sat on the fence chatting and the tiniest one (probably about 2) couldn't climb up to chat, so walked round on her own. I was scared she'd hurt herself so picked her up and carried her over, but later she just strolled on back despite the glass being covered in rubbish and broken glass. The kids are literally fearless.

I was holding a water bottle which I bought for about £1.80 from the local market and they all wanted some water so I poured some into their hands but the tiny one just drank from the bottle. They were all very excited by it that I just gave up trying to get it back and let them have it.

At 4 we went to the monkey temple which I visited last year. You stop off en route to buy bananas and feed loads of monkeys. The more I see them the less scared I'm becoming which is good, and I even let one take the banana out of my hand! We got back around 7 and sat before dinner. I really like the food here but today's was especially good; we had samosas, dumplings, a tomato and onion curry and chapatis. Mmmm.

We spent the evening on the roof playing cards and drinking which was nice.

Laura x

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