Friday, 2 June 2017

Bangkok bound (again)

I'm not sure today has necessarily been worthy of a blog post, but I have another 4 and a half hours on this flight so thought I'd take the opportunity to get back into this. So in about February, accompanied by what I expect was a bit of seasonal affective disorder, I got bored of uni and England and decided I wanted to go back to Asia. After our 6 week Christmas break during which I essentially lived at work I had accumulated a fair amount of money, and so in the following weeks I booked flights and then kind of forgot about it. My friend Collette is out there already with her boyfriend and a couple of friends and that's who I'm meeting for the first 2 weeks, and then I'm going back to where I volunteered in india last year for like 16 days, followed by a 7 day psychology placement also in india.

It's Friday right now and on Tuesday I had my uni summer exam, and I came home from uni on Wednesday, so it's been a bit of a rush as you can imagine. I was home for about 23 and a half hours, during which time I managed to bleach a hand towel (oops) but also hopefully pack everything that I need.
Yesterday I went to visit my grandparents and aunty which I'm so glad I managed to fit in given that I'm literally at uni then rushing off. I had a quick stop off at some shops to get a couple of last minute essentials, then mum dropped me at the coach station and I got a national express to Heathrow. I wasn't really sure what to do with myself so wandered around aimlessly, ate a lot of food just out of boredom, and boarded my flight at around 9.15pm.
Flights are pretty similar to be honest but I'm flying direct to Bangkok with eva air (it was the cheapest) and it's been really good- the vegan meal was really nice and the staff are friendly. Overnight flights aren't the best and on my row is an annoying drunk guy and in front is a very very cute baby, but no amount of cuteness stops their occasional screams being annoying. Luckily they're very occasional.

I slept for a solid like 4 hours?? Which I think is okay, but woke up to very weird feeling legs so I've gone for a little walk around the plane and am now doing all sorts of strange calf raises bc I'm worried that they've swollen massively and that I'm dying. Think the lack of sleep is making me dramatic.
Anyway, think breakfast is being served soon so I'm gonna watch the rest of the film I'm watching (out of a very poor selection ngl).
Laura x

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