Saturday, 28 May 2016

woywoy tour

Today we essentially had a tour of Woywoy! Also I've managed to lose the cable that connects my phone to my camera so photos will be uploaded soon!!

 After breakfast and showers Jeannette took us out to see the area. The weather wasn't great but she showed us a really cute little fishing town where we stopped to see pelicans and then a posh area called Pearl Beach. We met Martin, her husband, who is a builder and could show us one of the houses he'd worked on. It was the most amazing house I've ever seen; it had a lift inside, a pool, was all remote controlled and it was just amazing!

We walked down the beach then went back to the house for lunch (we had cheese on toast which is maybe the best lunch ever). Soon we headed into town to go and get a hot chocolate and wander around the shops before going to the cinema. We saw bad neighbours 2 which was so funny and we were the only people in the cinema which was strange. Martin picked us up and we went back to the house for dinner (we were all very excited at the prospect of tuna pasta and it did not disappoint).

Laura x

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