Saturday, 14 May 2016


Shockingly this morning we did some exercise?! Abi is being a good influence evidently.. we went to a HIIT class in the morning, and although it was only half am hour we were all pretty dead by the end and grateful to a local cafe for a massive brunch.

We wandered around the town a bit and stocked up on food in preparation for a barbecue that evening. lauren, Abi and i then hired wet suits and body boards and headed down to the beach to ride some waves. We went to the part where the waves were described as small and they were mental! It was so fun though! The wet suits kept us dry so we didnt get cold which was so lucky.

afterwards we returned our stuff and rushed back to the campsite to start the barbie. With a brief interlude with a creepy man (theyre everywhere) the barbecue went very smoothly. As we were in a fairly lively place (aka more than 2 members of the population) we decided to go out that evening. One cocktail turned into several but we all stayed well behaved (main event of the evening was me getting annoyed at a bar for having a terrapin in a tiny tank!)

Laura x

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