Saturday, 7 May 2016

exploring melbourne

The strangest thing about Australia so far is that it's so much cheaper than anyone said! I was fully anticipating starving and walking everywhere but it's been cheap! Our hostel is about £11 a night so that's considerably more than Asia, but food is a lot cheaper. Takeaway pizzas are like £2 or £3, tram rides across the city are cheap and there's lots of free stuff to do. Winning!

We made ourselves some eggs for breakfast (having a kitchen also keeps costs down) and then ventured into the centre, asking a guy at reception how to get there. The rest of the staff here seems to be 1000x nicer than the guy we anticipated on our first night thank God! We bought tram tickets then caught the tram into the city. There's a vegan fast food chain out here I've been dying to try and it happened to be right next to our tram stop so we kicked off the trip with some fast food and it did not disappoint!

Next we walked down to Hosier Lane, famous for its graffiti. It was so impressive to see and apparently is changing all the time. Street art just makes it so much more colourful and lively!

Afterwards we crossed the street and were right next to the museum of moving image. It was really interesting to see and had stuff  about the history of television, gaming etc with free entry.

Not so cultural we headed towards h&m. They had so many pretty things and I wanted to fill my rucksack with new clothes! But on a practical level I don't have clothes for the Australian winter climate and by an actual miracle they had jeans in my size for £10 so that was successful!

We wandered around and then got the tram back. i went for a run and had the most amazing view of Melbourne.

Surprisingly we weren't hungry and started talking to a girl in our dorm about going out that night. Pretty soon we were all playing drinking games. The rest of the night is a bit of a blur and as you can imagine the following day hasn't been very productive..

Laura x

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