Sunday, 29 May 2016

Today we visited the blue mountains. We woke up and went to a very pretentious overpriced café for breakfast (quinoa porridge for £9? Nah) and then caught the train to Katoomba. It took a couple of hours but it was crazy how much colder it was up there. When we were buying our tickets the guy said our clothes wouldn't be warm enough and it was like being back in England! Luckily we quickly took shelter in a cafe before checking into a hostel. It was so much cheaper than in Sydney and we could even afford a private room!

We walked down to the Three Sisters, a rock formation, which took about half an hour. It was like a slightly less impressive grand canyon and cool to see! Then we walked back via Woolworth's where we stocked up on food for dinner and made this when we got back. As usual we had a crazy night (we were asleep by 9) watching tv in our room.

Laura x

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