Friday, 20 May 2016

Byron bay

Byron bay is pretty cool! It's way more lively than the other parts of Australia that we've visited which is nice. After an early start driving to a car park after I was certain we were going to get towed away we went to a cafe for breakfast which was delicious. We used the wifi to find a campsite and headed there, it was pretty expensive ($51 each for 2 nights) but we were excited to be able to shower and it's pretty much on the beach so can't complain too much!

We had a pretty chilled day and just wandered around the town, looking in the shops etc and molly and i had really nice sandwiches. We bought some alcohol and went for a drink at a hotel right by the beach and then drank in the sun before going out. I was tired and went home pretty early but the night life was pretty good for a thursday. I wish we had more time here!

Laura x

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