Saturday, 30 April 2016

off to Singapore

We woke up, ate toast  (aka how every day starts), packed up our stuff and caught an uber to the bus station. Anyone unfamiliar with ubers it's basically a kind of unregistered taxi. I know that sounds beyond dangerous but they're not! Each driver's car is tracked, it's way cheaper (roughly half the price) of a taxi, and you just put in where you need to go, get a date estimate and then the app finds a taxi for you. You see their name, number plate and car model and then can see on the app when it's getting close. Hoping when we return to England that bournemouth will have adopted these!! The journey took approximately half an hour and was less than £3 which is cray.

Okay the rest of the day was very mundane which is why I think I've put off writing this! We booked tickets and began the  half hour wait before our bus left. This became an hour and a half thanks to our bus breaking down. Not great when you've already got a 5-7 hour journey!! We eventually left around 1.30. We arrived at customs at 6 and were pleasantly surprised to already be in Singapore. 2 hours after queueing in customs we weren't so cheery. I honestly don't understand how it took quite so long. Everyone filled out a departure card when they entered the queue, and when you got to the desk your passport was thoroughly inspected, your thumb prints taken etc. Whilst it was a fairly rigorous process it was by far the slowest of any borders we've been to, the queue just didn't seem to move!!

Eventually we were back on our coach. It was great to put out massive bags down and the charis even had a massage feature. Sometime later we arrived at the bus stop and after some confusion got a taxi to the hostel i'd found online. We drove to what looked like a suburban neighbourhood, went upstairs to the entrance where a teenage boy opened the door approximately a centimetre and said they had no rooms. We asked if there were any hostles nearby, he said no. I asked if I could use the wifi to look one up, he saidno. Very helpful. We wandered down in the hope of finding some wifi, and a man asked us if we were looking for a hostel, and pointed one out across the road. Amazingly they had availability and we checked in. It was an eco friendly hostel and pretty cool, but sadly they only had a room that night. The others had dinner at a food stall nearby then we say in the hostel taking full advantage of the free tea and biscuits until bed.

Laura x

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