Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Today we gave the camper back:( emotional. Molly and I woke up desperate for the loo and began the 15 minute trek to the beach to use the public toilets. Felt pretty homeless to be honest. On the way back we met Lauren and all drove down to the beach for some breakfast and to use the wifi. The others had a McDonald's and I got a muesli pot which had strawberries in it. Felt strange to eat fruit. We were going to drive up to the city centre to see the opera house etc but Lauren felt ill so we just went to drop the van back. As we're staying an hour north of Sydney we'll be able to go into the centre over the week anyway which should be good.

We dropped the van back with no problems- they'd said we needed to refill the gas for the stove but the woman in the shop said not to bother which was a nice surprise! It was really easy to sort and then we got an uber to central station in Sydney to catch the train to Lauren's family friends' house. The train took just over an hour and then Jeanette picked us up from the station, gave us a little tour of the area and then took us to their house. The family are so nice and friendly and their house is so nice! They also have loads of pets including 3 dogs which we were all very excited about. We chatted for a couple of hours and discussed some stuff to do while we're here and then had dinner which was so nice. It's so exciting to be in a house and be able to wash our clothes and use the wifi! They're so nice and hospitable yay I'm excited for the rest of the time until the others fly home.

Laura x

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