Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Universal Studios!

Lauren's mum and grandma treated us all to a day at universal studios in Singapore which was such a great treat! we'd discussed it a while ago but all given up when faced with the ticket price, but we were able to go! We hopped into an uber about 10 and quickly got our tickets and went into the park. We'd managed to go on a bank holiday, but given our options for a weekend or bank holiday monday it was never going to be quiet! This only affected our first 2 rides when the queues were almost unbearable; after an hour standing in the heat I thought I was going to faint, but fortunately from that point it seemed to cool down/the queues had better air conditioning!

It was just such a fun day and all a bit of a blur. As is the rest of Singapore it was absolutely spotless, spacious and attractive. The graphics and props were incredible and it was really like being on the movie sets. Some of the rides were terrifying- particularly embarrassing as we discovered the queues were like 10% of the length if you went as a single rider which was amazing until you spent the duration screaming surrounded by strangers.

At 6.30 ish we ventured into the New York area and shared the biggest pizza I've ever seen for dinner. It was amazing!! We planned to leave after this but as we walked through the almost empty park we realised everything was still open! We went to a 3d show thing and rode a couple of rollercoaster, walking straight to the front of the queue. Earlier  on in the day we even saw someone propose to their girlfriend in one of rhe shows which was so cute!! 

Around 9 we got an uber back to the hostel. We were all pretty exhausted but it was such a good day!! 

Laura x

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