Sunday, 1 May 2016

first full day in Singapore!

Fortunately the price shock I'd anticipated isn't too bad, and we only went over our £30 a day budget a bit (Well, by a third, but hey). We had breakfast then checked out of our hostel, getting an uber to a hostel across town. Our driver managed to get lost and we were stuck on the other side of the road but we found it quickly. It was full but luckily the one next door wasn't. As we were checking in i discovered that i'd lost the purse containing my passport. Classic. For some reason I felt certain it was under my bed in the last hostel and after calling up discovered that it was. The others went out for lunch whilst I caught the bus across town back to the hostel to retrieve my purse. Luckily this was very easy but just annoying. It was actually nice to just drive around the city though so I guess it has some perks!

Afterwards i met the others back at the hostel. A while later we walked to Haji Lane, recommended by my friend from here. It was really cute! It was a long colourful lane full of street art and little cafes and shops. I bought a pretty cushion cover and then we got food at a middle eastern place, regrets. The photos of the good were very different to what we were served. Sad times.

We wanted to stay in the area so sat and had a drink at a Mexican restaurant, using the Wi-Fi. I also walked to see Raffles hotel at my mum's request, looked slightly odd taking photos of it but hey. Then we got an uber to Singapore Zoo for the night safari! It was $40 each, £20, so over our budget, but definitely worth it! We got there around 8 and queued for ages before getting a team around the app. The animals are so close to you and although it's just cleverly destined it really looks like they could just walk out at you. It was so cool to see lions, tigers, leopards, elephants etc just walking around a couple of metres from us. After the team ride we went on the trails walking around the park. There were so many cute deer and stuff aw.

At like 10.30 we got an uber back (becoming an obsession!) We were told a taxi shouldn't be more than $30, so when our uber was $15.70 it was pretty good! I was absolutely exhausted so an eye mask and eat plugs were a necessity in our 14 bed dorm!

Laura x

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