Monday, 23 May 2016

bye bye abi

Abi is off to Bali so this morning we dropped her off at the airport. There were really bad road works and the traffic was bad so we were panicking loads that she would miss her flight but thankfully she didn't!

We tried to find somewhere for breakfast with a lot of difficulty. Nowhere was open as it was a Sunday but luckily we found a place selling some pastries like attached to a kebab shop so we went there and it was very nice. Afterwards we drove to Bondi beach and spent a while driving around looking for a parking space, which we fortunately found at the side of a road with no restrictions so we ended up spending the night there.

We wandered towards the beach and stopped off at a clothes market. It was really cool with loads of vintage stuff and handmade clothes. Lauren bought some dungarees and we had some homemade lemonade before going down to the beach. It was so hot and sunny and we sunbathed for a few hours which was really nice and necessary after an early start.

We were soon hungry again so went for lunch at a cafe. I had a trout salad and it was amazing and it was nice to sit in the sunshine. Australia's cafe culture is much better than ours, England up your game.

 Then we headed back to the camper for a few hours. Lauren and I decided to go out so we had a couple of drinks in the camper and then headed to a bar. It was surprisingly busy for a Sunday but the main highlight was a massive bowl of chips I had. We went to a couple more places and met some nice people but everything shut early so we were home (well, back at the side of the road) by 12ish.

Laura x

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