Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Okay this is the most uneventful bloh post ive ever written lol sorry

We woke up early ish (8 is very early for us) and went to a spinning class at the gym. It was pretty horrific I'm not going to lie. Then we had a snack in the cafe and continued on our way. We headed to a town called Eden on the sea known for whale watching, though sadly we found out they'd emigrated for the winter. We arrived, checked into a campsite and headed down to see some other aquatic creatures (there were meant to be sting ray). We were an hour or so early so had a drink in a pub and then headed to the water but had no luck. Sad times.

After a food shop we went back to the camper, showered and watched a couple of films in the big tv room before bed.

Laura x

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