Friday, 13 May 2016

twelve apostles

The days are blurring into one! The others woke up late so I had a solid 2 hours chilling in the van, and then we headed down to see the Twelve Apostles. They didn't disappoint- they were like Old Harry Rocks in Dorset on a monumental scale which was cool to see and the wind and rain made it all the more dramatic.

Afterwards we left the car park armed with some breakfast from the gift shop, and head to Wye River for some lunch. The journey was 2 hours ish and we arrived about 3 at a nice restaurant, only to discover that the kitchen was closed, so we made do with some snacks from a cafe nearby and the restaurant owner let us stay to charge our phones and use the wifi which was nice.

Around 4.30 we set off again to Torquay, a large surf town, and arrived at our campsite at 6. Well, 6.01 to be precise, which was rather unfortunate as the office closed at 6 and it was only thanks to someone answering an intercom that we actually got in. We parked up the camper after substantial effort working our way around the maze-like setup in the dark, and then headed to the camp kitchen to use tb
the free wifi and make some dinner.

After a nice shower we all headed to bed exhausted (doing nothing is very tiring)

Laura x

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