Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Ah we are fully into camping life! I woke up early and went to the toilet and came back to Lauren pointing out a koala about a metre from our camper! It was so so so cute and I even stroked him! I'm in love we need koalas in England!!! We drove up into the forest a bit and then went for a short walk by the river. It was very pretty but I half expected to be eaten by a poisonous animal the whole time.

After brekkie at the campsite we continued off down the great ocean road, pausing for lunch at appollo bay where we all had massive bowls of soup. Honestly England need to up their soup portions! We went to a little supermarket and stocked up on food we can cook in the van- microwave curry anyone?! Then continued on our way. We're pretty much in the middle of nowhere and can go for miles without seeing anyone- fine until you need a wee. The weather isn't good and driving along in the rain makes it a bit eery, so when we arrived at our planned stop and found that the road was flooded so we couldn't get there we headed to one nearby. It was shut.

Fortunately the beauty of a camper is that we can sleep just about anywhere, and we parked in the 12 apostles car park. There we're a few cars but as the night went on we were the only ones left. Fortunately the toilets were 24 hours car car we cooked our food before having some wine (sorry to sound very middle aged) and play cards. There's not a lot to do in a car park in the middle of nowhere so we set up the beds and went to sleep.

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