Monday, 9 May 2016

last day in Melbourne (at least without a camper)

Any frequent readers will know that I am usually a day behind blogging, but tomorrow we are venturing off in our camper van and aren't sure when we'll next have wifi. I'm excited to leave the 16 bed dorm but not sure I'm ready to commit to essentially 2 weeks of camping.. but hey we're in a snazzy van with a fridge, stove etc.

Today we woke up and made a cool egg based meal using the remains of last night's Mexican and it was surprisingly nice. It was torrentially raining and stuck for things to do we headed into the centre on a tram. We we're pretty near a big outlet shopping centre so went inside with fairly low expectations, but it was really, really cheap! As it's autumn here summer clothes were on sale and I got 5 summer tops for $15 (£7.50) what a bargain! The others all bought stuff too as we wandered around and I  had some lunch.

Afterwards we decided to head to Eureka Tower and Melbourne art gallery. The others wanted to save money and the art gallery was free admission so Abi and I went to the eureka tower while they went to the gallery. We got a lift up to the 88th floor and it went so quickly my ears we're popping. The views were amazing and there as a post box where I sent a postcard from the highest post box in Australia (pretty impressive achievement). We walked around a few times and then headed to meet the others at the gallery but arrived just as it was closing so only saw a bit.

We went to get drinks by the river and then got the tram back to near the hostel. We went down to the beach to see the penguins. This time there were less people and they were on the path, it was very cute. We met a friend of Abi's and went back to the hostel to make some dinner with him.

In the evening we all did a big clothes wash and then packed up our stuff in preparation for leaving tomorrow. Exciting times!

Laura x

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