Tuesday, 10 May 2016

It appears I overreacted; our first campsite has wifi. It's not great though so who knows if I'll actually post this, and I'l We got up early and checked out before getting an uber across Melbourne to where we needed to pick up the van. It was $46 (£23) to literally go to the other side of the city which was pretty good. We arrived and had a long talk about the van, rules and regulations etc. We've paid so that insurance covers any accidents which is good (though we couldn't get cover for if a kangaroo hits us lol).

After the safety briefing and checking for any damage to the vehicle we loaded our stuff and climbed aboard. Abi drove first to the classy destination of mcdonalds. We got lunch at a big shopping centre and got some cash out in preparation for venturing to the unknown and set off to the great ocean road. The drive took around 2 hours and it was amazing to drive so close alongside the sea with giant waves.

We checked into a campsite and were told that there was a koala in the tree next to our camper so we were all quite excited. After parking up we noticed that there were loads of parrots just outside the camper and they would land on your arm/head/shoulder if they thought that you had food. I found it funny until more than one tried to land on me and then i'd just panic and scream, very dignified.

We got some food at the cafe there; we asked about where we could buy some to cook ourselves but it was a half hour drive away- we were literally in the middle of nowhere. The weather wasnt great but we walked around the campsite in search of koalas and managed to see about 4 in the trees, they're so cute i really want to hold one!! We also saw a kangaroo really close up which was amazing but it ran away almost instantly.

Putting up our beds was surprisingly difficult but we managed it in the end (i think we checked every single comparment before finding the right one) and just sat and talked in the camper until bed. Yet another crazy night (lol)

Laura x

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