Monday, 16 May 2016

Every time I intend to watch the sunrise I end up turning off my alarm and going back to sleep. This was no exception. Oops. In our defence we'd times it wrongly so would have been up for ages in the dark /cold, so hey, was probably the right choice. 

We finally emerged about 8.30, paid for the campsite, showered, and bought some breakfast from the camp shop. The park was amazing and it would have been nice to look around more and try a couple of the walks but we're on a tight schedule so had a little explore of squeaky beach before setting off. It disappointingly didn't live up to its name; the sand is supposedly so fine that it squeaks when you walk on it, but this just didn't happen. Let down! It was still very pretty though.

Onwards we went, stopping in a little town which looked like it had been abandoned. It was Sunday to be fair but it was impressively dead, though the cafe we went to (of the 2 open) was nice so can't really complain. 

After some lunch we continued to the town we we're staying in. We arrived just after 4.30 and having done very little that day decided to go swimming at the local leisure centre. We only swam for about half an hour but it was nice to do something. Afterwards we headed to McDonald's to use the wifi (and of course consume a meal...) and while there found the listings for the town's cinema. The evening took a very productive turn and we watched the new Marvel film at the cinema which was actually very good, before heading home to the camper to sleep.

Laura x

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