Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Woke up abruptly to our 4.30am alarm which was not fun, especially after discovering the bus wasn't until 6 so we spent 45 minutes sitting outside another hostel. We set off and by 8.30 the bus had broken down, but fortunately our replacement arrived 20 minutes or so later. The drive took an interesting turn when we then had to tow our old bus behind us, meaning that every time we braked the other one pulled up close to us. But hey, we survived dropping the other bus off without death.

We continued on, passing through the Thai border easily and then stopping at a petrol station where we all had to get out for 15 minutes while it was filled up with a 'high pressure gas'- I was pretty nervous to discover that we were sitting quite literally on top of the tank but again; no deaths. We befriended the people on the bus which is a rarity for us. They were all English speaking and were all English except an American and Canadian, and the journey passed quickly as we chatted about literally everything. This was an especially good way to pass the time as we focused less on the lack of air conditioning. I was just about warming to the idea of making friends more frequently when a guy said, I quite 'no science to back me up on this one but I believe that disease and illness are caused by darkness from within'. Nah. Very weird.

We arrived in Khao San Road around 3 and followed our new friends to a hostel before leaving them to get food. Yet again lauren and i had curry and molly had a traditionally Thai meal of chicken nuggets and spring rolls. At 5.50 we headed to the police station where we were supposed to wait for a bus. After 20 minutes we asked if they knew why it was late and the police officer rang up then assured us that it was just coming. An hour later it still hadn't arrived so he rang again, this time sounding angry, and fairly promptly a tuk tuk arrived and drove us right across the city.

We arrived at our bed for the night; the weirdest night bus so far. It was just an ordinary bus but the seats bent back (not very far), and a combination of this, the lack of any bedding, and a one hour stop at midnight with the lights on, this wasn't the best night's sleep ever. But hey, it's all character building right?

Laura x

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