Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Today was barely worth posting about but I feel like I've kept up the daily blogging for too long now to just miss one out! We woke up late, showered, ate more toast (going to miss the pineapple jam tbh) and left our big bags in a luggage storage room. When i was eating breakfast i spoke to a girl who'd done advertising at bournouth uni and thought my mum might have lectured her, weeeeeird! Anyway, from about 3 days in I've been looking forward to not having a huge rucksack to carry round, secretly hoping it will be stolen off a bus journey because they are such a pain to carry round.

Then we headed to the bus station. It was a huge building with 4 floors, and, as we've found to be a feature of Malaysia, there were very few signs or directions. We managed to track down a post box so I could send my latest post cards, but when we asked someone where to catch out bus from they instead kept telling us to get a different one. It was very confusing and no one seemed to understand what we were asking so we headed to where we'd got off the bus when arriving in the city and fortunately this was correct.

By 1.15 ish we'd arrived at the airport which has a massive shopping centre just outside with countless shops and restaurants. After a classic lunch of fast food (I'll admit we may have gone to Wendy's again....) and a fruit smoothie to soften the blow to our bodies, we spent the afternoon wandering around in preparation for our flight. Prior to this trip i'd considered flying a complicated affair of queuing,  countless checks etc, but in reality we just had to have our bags scanned and show our passports. We were even allowed to take liquids!

At about 7pm we boarded out flight and we're off the plane by 8.45. We arrived to torrential rain; scarily hard, and in the taxi it was bouncing off the windscreen which was a bit daunting on an unlit road.

We arrived at the hostel we'd booked online, it's an all female dorm and it's actually so sweet! For about £5 we each have one half of a bunk bed, each one in a little room with curtains in front of them, forming little pods. It feels like a big sleepover

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