Saturday, 9 April 2016

Another day in paradise! Just to prewarn you there's not going to be much cultural stuff while we're here! I woke up early and decided to go for a run. I seriously underestimated the temperature; my 'it can't be too hot at 7.30!' was proved wrong by the 27°c heat. Not rushing to do that again!! But the beach is really beautiful which marginally improved it

Afterwards i showered and when lauren woke up we went and had the buffet breakfast with molly. I think I eat several day's worth of calories there but hey. We went down to the pool for morning, it was so hot and i'd repeat a pattern of sunbathing in the shade and  jumping in the pool to cool off which worked! I also ventured to 7/11 for some suncream- so overpriced considering we're in such a hot country!!

Late afternoon we went and got some food, the others had pizza which I didn't want so we went to two restaurants (essentially a bar crawl for food). We stopped at the beach and i swam, the sea was the perfect temperature and the sky looked amazing ah.

We walked back and enroute saw the cutest dogs!!! Like they were actually adorable and i contemplated stealing them. There was a very fat pug and yeah it was just such an exciting few minutes.

I can't remember what we did after this. I want to the gym briefly, we showered and the others started drinking. Our tour group were going for a night out in a club in town. I was going to go sober but when it came to it I decided to go to bed. Not sure if it's because I missed a malaria tablet but I've just been really tired, headachey and hot? It's probably just the heat but I think sleeping was the best option! I tried to watch a film but fell asleep in seconds- it had just gone 10. As one of our group joked at breakfast, I am quite literally a grandma (no offence to any grandmas reading this!)

P.s I know there aren't photos of any of us in this post but the general lack of Molly is her choice!! I am trying to force her into photos tho so hopefully more soon (in the nicest way possible)

Laura x

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