Thursday, 21 April 2016

island hopping

We woke up early and discovered that the new hostel we'd moved to (just next door and identical to our current one) gave free eggs with the toast for breakfast- not bad for £5 a night! We ate and then got picked up by a minibus driver at 9 to go island hopping. We set off with 4 other people and drove to a harbour where we boarded a small motorboat.

 Our driver took us out over the pretty blue waters to our first stop where we went into a national park. It cost just over £1 to go in but we could hardly complain when the trip was only £6 each! We walked around and lauren and i swam in the water (breaking the rules to only swim with a life jacket- it was clearly just a money making technique). We talked to a really nice woman from Swansea who was out here with her husband and had bought an apartment in Kuala Lumpur. They have sons aged 18 and 20 and she was just so sweet and friendly, telling us how she'd cried in Kuala Lumpur at the right of a beggar with a horrible deformed leg which needed amputating, but as she'd worked as a first response ambulance she knew he wouldn't even survive having that done. Although we aren't the most sociable of travellers it was so nice to talk to such a friendly, relatable person, and it was nice to see a normal middle aged couple! (They're usually the same breed of family; all wearing trainers and knew length shorts, the best being a family in Vietnam telling loud stories about 'mummy and uncle scotty').

Afterwards we walked back to the boat, narrowly avoiding monkey attack (I swear they can sense fear) and headed to the next stop. This was very bizarre to see in real life and I didn't capture it well in photos but there were eagles flying low overheard and our boat driver threw some chicken meat into the water so they came really close. They're massive, majestic birds, really beautiful but quite terrifying. It was so cool to see them up close!!

Our final stop was to a lovely beach with really clear water, it looked like it belonged in ko phi phi. I never would have guessed but this would be an ideal place for a honeymoon, it's so beautiful and so a quiet too! We stayed here for an hour or so, swimming around in the shallow water before getting the boat back to where we had started, where they were selling plates with everyone's faces on. £2 well spent I think

 Then we got a bus back to the hostel. It was about 1 so we headed to get some lunch. I want to eat more Asian food but everything seems to have meat in it! So settled for salad and soup instead. Afterwards we went down to the beach to sunbathe and swim a bit more (life over here is tough you see) and then went back to the hostel.

Early evening we ventured out for dinner (there's a common theme to how we spend our time) and needed up at pizza hut. Err very traditional and healthy right?? The service was sooo bad which is annoying as here they add a 10% compulsory service charge to bills. We walked back via McDonald's so the others could get ice cream, and I got a slice of cheesecake from a bakery. The worst thing possibly ever occured; I opened it and discovered that the 'grated white chocolate' on the top of the pizza was in fact grated nature cheddar cheese... why would you do that?!?!

We went back to the hostel for a bit then down to the beach where there was a bar literally on the sand where the others had some drinks. I went back to the hostel pretty early (maybe need to increase my protein levels because I am weirdly tired) and went to bed. Don't want to leave langkawi tomorrow!

Laura x

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