Thursday, 7 April 2016

Okay so we are officially just on a luxury holiday. Whilst all of the trip has been amazing I've felt compelled to explore the culture and see sights and here we can just relax and it's the best!

Lauren and I woke up in our hungover at 6.30 but headed to breakfast at 8.30 where Molly joined us later. I felt really sick so had a lie down before heading to the pool. Molly was feeling ill but lauren and i spent the day at the pool, sunbathing and swimming. At 3 we headed down to the beach. It's so hot that walking down there (even though it's only like a 10 minute walk) is unbearable in the midday sun and even this was painful. We got some food and then sat on the beach. I swam in the sea which was the hottest sea I've ever swam in and soooo nice! It's like something out of a travel brochure. The only issue is that people park their jet skis anywhere so I was quite paranoid about getting hit!

We walked back after a while and I took my disposable camera in to get the photos developed. Lauren went to get a haircut and had a fringe put in for £6, less than my photos being developed cost! We went back and at 5 ish met Molly to get dinner. Shockingly we didn't get curry! But headed to a local restaurant where lauren and i had salad and Molly had spaghetti. There's a lot of seafood here but I'm yet to try any. Despite eating virtually non stop all day we decided to get ice cream at a parlour we'd passed a few times and it was so nice! Amazingly no food poisoning!

At 7.15 we met our tour group who'd been for a day trip to go on a street good tour. It's pretty much the same as all the other markets we've visited but I finally got to try fried ice cream (ice cream twice in a day is definitely acceptable on holiday). Like 3 or 4 years ago when we started planning this trip a video of the Thai phenomen of fried ice cream went viral and Molly tagged lauren and me in it. It's essentially a large freezing cold circle, looks like the one crepes are made on. Liquid ice cream is  poured on and the flavour, and it's chopped up repeatedly to form ice cream before being rolled up into ice cream rolls and has toppings put on. It was £2 for a massive portion and so worth it.

We followed our group around the market but there were limited seats at the stall they chose so we headed back to the hotel. We rented a dvd (our DVD player didn't work and a had to have multiple people come and fix it) and spent the evening watching that. What a tough life we're living :/

Laura x

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