Sunday, 17 April 2016

uneventful day (again)

Earlier my mum commented on my lack of blog posts so I'm outdoing myself with 3 in a day!

We had a very westerny day, not much culture or sightseeing but it was nice! After a slow morning of showering, eating the free toast with pineapple jam (so yummy!) and just sitting, we headed to the cinema, stopping for lunch enroute. In the big built up shopping centre food prices were pretty extortionate compared to the street food, but the others had grilled cheese sandwiches and i had the nicest salad maybe ever with grilled veggie skewers for like £5 so it wasn't ridiculous.

Afterwards we went across to the cinema to see 10 Cloverfield Lane which ive wanted to see since seeing it advertised in Cambodia. It was good with a majorly disappointing ending but hey, it was cheap and a nice way to spend a boiling hot afternoon!

After this we headed out , stopping in topshop, h&m and zara. I bought a black playsuit and a swimming costume in h&m, the hand washing of our clothes has caused some kind of rust marks on a couple of things which isn't great and I'm excited to wear something i haven't scrubbed to death in a hostel sink.

We came back to the hostel for a quiet evening, and i repacked my bag to try and prevent rewearjng the same things for 3 months and leaving a couple of things at the bottom. As usual we had a quiet night in (lol) 

Laura x

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