Sunday, 10 April 2016

Okay I'm losing track of what day it is but apparently I have a large readership (it's weird to know family members are reading this but I also don't want to like censor this so apologies).

We woke up pretty early and went to the buffet breakfast. Fortunately the rest of our group weren't there yet and so didn't realise that i'd eaten approx 28 plates full. Afterwards we spent ages packing up our stuff (how is there more each time?!) and at 11 ish we checked out and got a minivan. The people in front were talking about being pro gun and had also visited a place where you pet tranquilised tigers. It was tempting not to intervene.

The ferry took around 2 hours and this day went weirdly quickly despite doing very little, and we didn't arrive in Ko Phi phi until 4 ish. It was beyond surreal; everywhere looks like a travel brochure to the point where it just doesn't feel real. We walked through town to our hotel which is just incredible; it's right on the beach and the only downside is that it's up a hill, but the views make even that worth it. By the time we arrived I was a sweaty mess and had a couple of showers to cope.

That evening we met for one of the tour's 'family dinners' which basically means we all go out for dinner but it's not provided in the price we paid. Can't be too bitter though as we went to a really nice restaurant where everyone was western and relaxed (was tempted to ask for a job application) and given the large ulcer ive had for a bit too long I had vegetable soup (the bowl was probably bigger than my head). We walked back via the market. It's really touristy here and the prices reflect that but they had some really pretty stuff. I got some post cards and a crepe and the others had milkshakes before heading back to our room. We watched national geographic for a worrying amount of time before bed (it's educational right?!)

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