Wednesday, 13 April 2016

nearing the end of our time in krabi

Today we went to Krabi! After a classic massive beige breakfast we walked to the ferry (thank god they took our big bags for us) and boarded. I was so so so hot- shoutout to my parents who I have given me excessive sweet genes and i ended up spending a worrying amount of the journey in my bikini. After an hour we arrived in Krabi, collected our bags and got a minivan to our final hotel. We pulled up at a strange location; the hotel was next to McDonald's, and my expectations weren't that high. This quickly changed when we arrived to fresh fruit, sausage rolls and welcome drinks. Our room was ready and we went up to find a luxury massive room complete with a bath on the balcony. Whaaat.

After showering lauren and i went to the pool (molly was asleep) which was incredible. It's an infinity pool overlooking Krabi, with seats in the water with Jacuzzi settings. It's amazing! We spent a while there then went to the room with plans to visit Railay. Molly woke up and we went to McDonald's  (it would be rude not to) and then Lauren and I went to get a long boat. It was 100 baht to get there and a strange bumpy ride as the water was choppy.

We arrived there at around 4 and intended to leave just before 6 and the price went up after that. We ended up getting very lost and basically walked around the whole island. It was really beuatiful though I think I probably prefered Ko Phi Phi. Lauren's Aunty got married there and it was definitely an amazing place to get married! We saw so many monkeys and loads of babies! The babies grip onto the stomachs of the mums and are carried underneath them which is maybe the cutest thing ever. Some of them were so tiny it was just beyond cute.

We headed to get a long boag back, not realising we were completely lost and 6 came and went. We passed a shrine to fertility which is apparently just a cave filled with phallic symbols (keeping it PG for the family readers) but I didn't actually see this first hand. We approached a man with a long boat on a beach different to the one we'd arrived on and he agreed to take us back. They have to have a minimum of 6 people and as there was an Asian couple who were already going on it we had to find 2 more. They spent half an hour or so trying to recruit people and in desperation we joined in (with limited success). Eventually a couple agreed to come. The sun was setting rapidly, and on an unlit boat I was a tad wary but boarded anyway.

The next 15 minutes were among the weirdest of my life. While it got increasingly darker the boat was literally bouncing up and down on the water. Even this video doesn't show the extremity of it; water was pouring in and we were all soaked within the first couple of minutes. Lauren compared it to Life Of Pi, I was thinking more Titanic. Our driver was a hero; stood at the back of the boat starting getting absolutely soaked as we flew through the waves. As we arrived at the shore it felt as though we were going to tip and in the panic lauren punched me in the face. Don't worry though, i'd planned what to do if we capsized, and this guy does the journey all the time. If anything any worry of sympathy should be for him.

We survived and headed back to our room to shower and dress before the included dinner. It was an amazing buffet with so many types of food! Suitably stuffed we headed back to our rooms for an early night; lauren and i signed up to go to Tiger Temple at 6am the following day so this was definitely necessary

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