Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Cameron highlands

Thanks to my excellent geography skills I hadn't even realised we were going to Malaysia but thankfully a friend of mine from primary school has recently been there and suggested where to go. One of these was the Cameron highlands which was described as "a place with lots of strawberries". Strange description but Balan also recommended it so we decided to go there.

A 6.30 wake up wasn't great but we fitted in our last traditional breakfast and then headed to catch the bus. We practically sprinted there, the sweat was not fun, and then waited on the bus for ages before it left. The journey took about 4 hours with a stop half way and then we arrived. It was a lovely surprise to find that the temperature here is 15-25°c. This is the longest I've gone without sweating since arriving. The bus has stopped next to a curry house and we went in for a delicious lunch and using the Wi-Fi to find a hostel. The first we went to was full but they drove us to their partner one. It's much more like a guesthouse, £7 each a night for a triple room with a balcony, a 5 minute walk from town. It's a really nice place though everyone has advised us that 2 nights here is enough as there's not loads to do.

We checked in then had a fairly relaxed afternoon, we booked a tour for the next day and then in the evening we walked into town for dinner. The first restaurant we went to looked really cool as it was in old army barracks but had a limited menu. I ended up having an amazing juice at a juice shop, mango, banana and strawberry and it was so nice. We wandered round for a bit then headed back for a classic early night.

Laura x

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