Thursday, 28 April 2016

our day in the cameron highlands

We woke up at 8 and after showering and eating toast we headed off on our half day tour. For only £5 each we had a pretty extensive your of the area. The first stop was a butterfly house with a number of other animals (there were some very cute rabbits) and then headed to a bee keeping dark. We tried the homemade honey and got to see the hives which was pretty cool.

Next we went to a huge tea plantation. It stretched out for miles over the hills and we could see people working. We learned about how the tea is made then enjoyed some in the cafe (I had teh tarik which has become a new obsession).

Next stop was a rose garden to look at all the flowers. It was like a really elaborate garden centre and even had a slide to go down.

After this we went to some strawberry fields. These were a little disappointing as i'd anticipated open fields where we could pick some but they weren't. Luckily a snack in the cafe quickly improved our spirits!

From here we could wander round a local market. I really wanted to find an avocado but had no luck. I definitely need to start eating more vegetables. Finally we stopped at a beautiful Buddhist temple. It was very very pretty and elaborate. 

After the tour we had a fairly quiet afternoon, got lunch in town and then started at the hostel for most of the afternoon. At 5.30 ish lauren and i attempted the easiest trail near our hostel to a waterfall. It was nice but a little cross country (I think I definitely could have fallen into the river).

Again we had another quiet evening- by this stage we are very middle aged, but the only club here seems to just offer Malaysian karaoke so it was probably safer for everyone that we gave it a miss.

Laura x

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