Wednesday, 8 June 2016

We went to volunteering early this morning; our 9am lie in was now 8. We went back to the slum school and it was definitely good for the class to have some continuity of teaching, though it's slightly frustrating having a language barrier as the teacher often has to work as a translator! The women's class was much smaller today as several were away for some reason so I was just teaching 3, two of whom are the slum school teachers so their English was pretty advanced. Even so attempting to teach how to use the past tense was quite stressful.

Afterwards we got a tuk tuk back to our accomodation, had lunch and then went to the orphanage to visit the children. The two long term volunteers have gone and they're on summer holidays so we want to visit them as much as possible. I wasn't sure how I felt about orphanage volunteering before I came out there as seeing lots of different people and them leaving can cause them attachment problems, but as most of the orphanage volunteers are long term and the children haven't got anything to do all day it seemed like the best option! We played some pretty intense games of uno and some kind of board game which they enjoyed.

Later we went to see a Bollywood movie. It was called house full 3 and was very funny but difficult to understand as some was randomly in English then randomly in Hindi! We all enjoyed it thought. Some of it was filmed in Dorset which I hadn't expected! Daniela got some food from pizza hur and then went back for dinner and a quiet evening.

Laura x

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