Wednesday, 8 June 2016

disabled school

Today we volunteered at the disabled school. It's literally next to our apartment as it's in the same building as the orphanage. I found it pretty tough; you have to be very patient to work with children with disabilities and I seriously admire everyone who does! I found it difficult not to take it personally when the children showed no interest interacting with me or participating but I guess we are unfamiliar to them! It went pretty smoothly though, excluding when a girl knocked a put full of paint water over me!

Afterwards we went back for lunch and then went out to get hand and arm massages. The style was similar to Thai in the sense that it was pretty painful! But has definitely removed any dead skin and was just generally strangely pleasant! After that we walked into the little town again, got another juice (they're delicious and 30p!) and visited some shops. I got some fabric as I'm getting some custom made clothing from the women which is exciting! And then we went back.

 It was mid afternoon and hot and the other 2 (I'm spending most of my time with 2 other volunteers, Eilidh and Daniela as we're all staying together and all getting on really well which is good!) both fell asleep. I went over to the orphanage and helped the children with their homework which was sweet as they had to read English to me. They all do Hindi and Sanskrit which is impressive! and then me and the two long term volunteers (both of whom are leaving this week) took the children to the park. I wheeled the boy with a physical disability in a wheelchair and then sat and chatted to the ones who didn't want to play in the park. We stayed for a couple of hours before heading home for dinner.

Eilidh and I were planning to go to 5am yoga on Wednesday morning so Vishy showed us the park where this is held and then gave me his laptop so that I could start the website, but unfortunately it wouldn't connect to the wifi network so I will have to try again tomorrow.

Laura x

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