Sunday, 5 June 2016

first day

The wifi is down so not sure when I will post this! I LOVE INDIA! I had such a great first day; slept pretty late then had breakfast with the family. It was like an omelette/pancake made with onions, cheese etc and was delicious! didnt do much in the morning as im just adapting to the heat! Then we went to the orphanage to meet the boys (and one girl!). They were all so sweet and rushed over to see us and introduce themselves. We stayed there for a while and then had lunch. A cook comes in to make us lunch and dinner and it was so yummy! We had dahl and mangoes mmmm.

Later we went to the market. There are only 3 of us at the moment; the other 2 have both been here for several months so I was the only new one! There was lots to buy but I just got a can of coke and a plug adaptor for a total of 50p! Later we took the boys to a park. We rode a rickshaw (like a big tuk tuk) and spent a few hours there, playing various games (difficult in the heat!) and chatting to them. We all had a samosa and they got an ice cream. We tried to head back about 7 but found that our rickshaw had been blocked in the car park by a big white car! I said as a joke "just move the car" but 10 minutes later the boys were rolling the car out of our way! It was so funny and they managed to roll it back into its original position afterwards!

We had dinner though I was still stuffed from lunch and after a shower headed to bed

Laura x

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