Monday, 6 June 2016

other volunteers arrive

I arrived earlier than the other volunteers because it was the cheapest day to fly, so today the others arrived. One arrived during the night and in the morning we spoke to Vishy after some breakfast and discussed where to visit and what to see in the local area. Me and the girl who arrived in the night decided to go into Delhi for a few hours.

We caught a rickshaw to the metro station and then got the metro into Delhi. It was a bit stressful as we had to change train but didn't know where, so we just waited until everyone else got off and copied them. Thankfully it worked and we arrived where we wanted to go. Then we got scammed! A classic scam I've read about where someone asks where you're going, claims it's closed and then offers to drive you elsewhere. It was annoying but we lost 20p so not the end of the world. Soon we found a Starbucks to find some wifi then used it to find the market. It was a short walk away, though in the heat it felt like a trek. We looked around the stalls at the clothes and Jewellery; I bought a bag and some bracelets and some trousers and then we looked at a sari shop as Kerri wanted to buy one. We spent a long time browsing and looking at different ones, all of which were  beautiful. I found a lovely one and was tempted to buy it despite the £40 price tag but I left my card at the accommodation so couldn't! Kerri did however buy a really pretty green one.

Afterwards we went to get some food, only managing to find McDonald's! Their vegetarian options were amazing (thanks Hinduism) and after that we caught the metro back easily and then a rickshaw. We met the new volunteers and I showed a couple of them the market. We got some henna done and had a juice. I bought one for a little boy selling balloons but this attracted a small crowd, fortunately they all shared.

We headed back in time for dinner and afterwards went to the orphanage where we spent the evening playing games with the children before bed.

Laura x

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