Thursday, 23 June 2016

To Gili T! I checked out of my hostel and got picked up to go to gili t at 11 armed with loads of snacks. It was a one hour bus journey to the port where we had to wait for like an hour and a half for the ferry which was annoying and was then another hour and a half. I finally arrived and hadn't planned where to stay so started to wander round but it's mainly bungalows to rent.  Fortunately I spotted the name of a hostel I'd looked at online and so went to check in. The girl sharing my room was asleep ill so after showering I sat in the communal area in the garden. Pretty soon a girl appeared and we started to talk and she asked if I had plans for dinner. I didn't so we went together to the night market which has a buffet style restaurant (brought back terrible memories of food poisoning in luang prabang) but lured in by the cheap prices I filled a bowl. We sat and chatted and a couple next to us (I think they were German) also joined in. It was fun to swap travel stories and she was in a similar situation me having decided to stay out after her friends left and go to Bali alone.

We got some ice cream then headed back to our hostel where a lot of people were now in the communal area. We chatted to a girl from Colorado and decided to go out together that night and also spoke to some of the guys who worked there. At 9ish we went to a bar they'd been to before butbthe live music wasn't good so after a drink went elsewhere. Here the music was amazing and me and the first girl I met, Joyce from Holland, stayed all evening.

Laura x

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