Thursday, 16 June 2016

Today the weather was much cooler which was nice, but sadly as I'm ill I couldn't appreciate it! I went to volunteering in the morning but was just absolutely boiling and overwhelmed and ah no it was not fun. We went back at 12.30 ish and I had such an unproductive day as I felt ill and spent most of the afternoon napping. At 4 ish we went to a local market (which turned out to be shops) and had a look around and got a drink which was nice. Afterwards we got a tuk tuk back. We had been planning to go into delhi to go to ladies' night where girls got free drinks all week and I was so excited, but when it came to it I was too ill to go! I was the only one who stayed at our accommodation but I ended up being glad that I did as I was sick at like 9. The host family were sooo nice; they kept coming to check on me and ask if I wanted anything from the market or to visit a doctor which was so sweet! I went to bed really early (again!)

Laura x

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