Friday, 3 June 2016

back in kuala lumpur

Was pleasantly surprised to find  free hostel breakfast (a night's stay is only like £4 anyway!) was roti canai which we had in Malaysia before and is solo nice. I think it might be Indian??

After eating that and showering I ventured to little India to stock up on clothes before tomorrow's adventure. I caught the monorail which was very simple and then went into a couple of shops, getting a Punjabi suit (with comically large trousers) and a long top. They cost me just over £20 together, I probably could have got them cheaper in India but thought it was good to be prepared.

After this I headed to a big shopping centre. The Malaysian malls are amazing and so, so, so massive. Anyone who knows west quay; imagine an extra 3 floors and each floor about 4 times the size. The one I went to has a huge cinema and theme park inside. I opted for the cinema and went to see "Me before you". It was really good though hysterically crying in front of a lot of strangers was a tad embarrassing.

I wandered around the shops for a while before heading back to the hostel. I sat in the communal area, planning to go on the hostel visit to laser quest, clearly forgetting that I actually hate laser quest. So I didn't go and spent the evening reading before bed. Very sociable

Laura x

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